Links to techniques and video demonstrations 

Handy everyday tips and techniques

Vegetable Stock - from trimmings

Celery 101 - Storing celery

Prepping ginger - An easy way to prep ginger

Storing Limes - Lime season and what to do to get you through the year!

Blanching Vegetables - Tomato, bean and new potato salad with green olive vinaigrette

Cooking a whole pumpkin (minimising prep!) Roast pumpkin soup with chickpea topping

Cooking Beef - How to cook a piece of beef perfectly

How to cook steak Sliced beef*, stir-fried greens and rice with hot soy and shiitake- dressing.

Fish stock - How to make fish stock

Cooking meat 101 - How to cook a steak + cooking temperatures for meat

Slow cooking pork - Pulled pork with slaw and radish apple salsa

Technique on cooking Pork belly - Bahn Mi – Vietnamese sandwich with pickled vegetables, roast pork belly, sriracha mayo

Breaking down a chicken - Salting chicken and how to joint a chicken

Chicken Stock/broth – version 1

Chicken stock - version 2

Spatchcocking a chicken for fast cooking - Roast chicken with lemon, olives garlic and green lentils. 

Everyday pantry and fridge staples