About THe modern mess

Using Facebook groups as a sharing platform we share a weekly meal plan,  seasonal recipes for the week and instructional videos to become a great home cook.

For just $12 per month or $120 for the year receive access to delicious seasonal recipes, advice and suggestions from a professional Chef and learn the tricks of the trade.

While we like recipes that can be achieved in under 45 minutes, we also include recipes that utilise cost effective ingredients but take a little more time. We find these are good to make on your day off and keep in your freezer for when you're hungry but can't be bothered cooking!


What happens each week?

Each Thursday we post our produce for the week. We get a Spring Collective vegetable box so our meal plan is based on this.  If you don't have access to a local vegetable box, head to your local farmers market or vegetable shop.

On Friday we post a meal plan for the week which utilises this seasonal produce.

We then post at least 3 recipes for you to add into your own weekly favourites. This is followed by an instructional video focusing on a technique that is featured in one or more of the recipes. This should give you time to plan, shop in the weekend and join in the following week. You can also take inspiration from the rest of the meal plan, working with what you have on hand.