How does the modern mess work?

This is a quick run down on what happens each week.

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Weekly email

Each week I send out an email outlining my produce for the week, my meal plan and links to 3 new recipes for you to try at home. The idea is to take my meal plan as inspiration, cook the same things, slot new recipes in with your favourties or cook something from the archive. We are all different, so do what you like each week.

I also include information on seasonal produce, meal planning tips and other foodie news. There is also a from the archive feature each week which links to recipes on the site from the same time last year. Double the seasonal recipes for you to enjoy!

Every few months I either take requests or theme a month. I also do an epic Christmas spread with loads of bonus recipes including sweet recipes.

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Members portal

All members have access to the Members Portal on the website. This is where all recipes are posted, as well as videos and tips of the trade. You can comment on the recipes and ask questions.

You will also find an ingredient glossary, recipe archive, category tags, search functions, seasonal information and helpful cooking advice



Community facebook page

There is also a community Facebook page which used to be the recipe sharing platform. Here, I now post direct links to the recipes on the site, encourage members to comment when they try recipes, ask questions and post photos if they wish.

You can still find 6 months worth of recipes on the page from the early days and lots of member comments and feedback.

If you don’t have a Facebook page, not to worry. I will keep you updated via email and you can email me anytime you like. I’m happy to help.


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