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Hello and welcome to The Modern Mes

I’m Jen and I am the face behind The Modern Mess.

Each week I bring you recipes from my kitchen. These recipes are what we have eaten in the last week and are very much captured in real time, often right before we eat. Sometimes, featuring my children, Toren (4) and Flynn (2) and their surrounding mess!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and add some new recipes into your family favourites.

Please, don’t hesitate to flick me a message if you have a question, I’m more than happy to help.

Happy cooking!

How it works…

What HAPPENS each week?

Thursday - 
Each Thursday I send out my weekly email outlining what produce I have for the week, whats on the menu, information about what is seasonally available and anything I think you might like. l also link other recipes that you might enjoy or recipes that use certain seasonal vegetables or particular technique. So check your inbox on a Thursday!

 All the recipes will be posted onto the website and I will also post links on The Modern Mess Community Facebook page for easy access.

Feel free to ask questions and comment on any recipes you try.

How to find recipes

There are a few different ways to find recipes.

  1. Head to the LATEST RECIPE tab, this lists all the recipes chronologically. Here you will easily find the recipes of the week.

  2. Head to the RECIPE ARCHIVE tab. Recipes are organised by Category. I did have all the individual meats listed as categories but it was too cluttered so instead just search for a particular meat (or vegetable).

  3. Use the SEARCH function. This searches all the recipes available on the site. For example, if you search ‘salad’, a drop box will appear with all the salads or any recipe with the word salad. Same if searching for ‘chicken’. everything with chicken will appear.

  4. At the end of each recipe you will see the tagged category. If you click for example Salads and sides it will link you to a page with all the salads and sides. It’s not a list unfortunately, its all the recipes in order.

Refer a friend

We have a great Refer a Friend rewards program, It's easy and you can win some great prizes. Check out www.themodernmess.com/refer-a-friend for more details.

You can also get into the draw by posting a photo of the Modern Mess recipe you cooked on Instagram and tagging it with the hashtag #themodernmess. I will tally them all up at the end of the season. Post the photo on your grid or in your stories. If posting in your stories tag @the.modern.mess too so I can see it.

This season, you can choose from the following prizes.
Winner is drawn June 1st.

1) For the Christchurch locals, a $50 Little Pom’s voucher. Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at Little Poms, you wont regret it!
2) a digital temperature probe - a must have in the kitchen if you ask me!
3) a hand held mandolin -  One of my most used kitchen essentials, great for speedy salads
4) Japanese inspired foodie pack - Organic Tamari, Urban Hippie Miso, Shichi-mi tōgarashi, homemade pickled ginger, local wasabi.
5) a 3 month subscription to gift to a friend
6) $50 off a cooking lesson with me!

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