Welcome to
the Modern Mess.

Your online database of delicious seasonal recipes to make you a GREAT home cook.


What do I do?

Hi I’m Jen. I offer a recipe subscription service with a weekly newsletter and an online members portal with a database of over 200 recipes and growing!

I show you how to create meals from scratch that are healthy, balanced and delicious. I don’t have any dietary restrictions and eat most things in moderation. I do however include adaptions or substitutions for common dietary requirements in each recipe where applicable.

I prefer quality over quantity in regards to meat so we only eat meat about 3 times a week. Therefore, The Modern Mess can definitely suit vegetarians too.

My Mission

To inspire anyone to be a great seasonal cook.


what does it cost?

The monthly plan is only $12 per month or you can sign up for a year and pay $120.

I provide online support, advice, information and inspiration to help you be a better seasonal home cook. I also have a Modern Mess community Facebook group where members post and ask questions and be inspired.