Do I need to get the same produce as you to participate in The Modern Mess?

Nope! Jen heads to her local Farmers market and buys what is available seasonally. If you are in Christchurch, there are some great vegetable box services available too. The Spring Collective, The Vege Plot to name a few.  Next stop, try your local vegetable shop. The produce is usually cheaper and fresher than the supermarket, plus you are supporting a small business.

We have members who live in different parts of New Zealand and a few in Australia and they make it work with what is seasonally available to them. We offer substitutions in some recipes and you can always comment and ask too. There is also a 12 months worth of recipes on the site now so if a particular season begins a little earlier where you are then there are still plenty of recipes to choose from.

Are your recipes suitable for vegetarians?

Definitely. There are quite a few meat free members and a lot who like to eat meat less than three times a week. Here at The Modern Mess we like support higher welfare animal products and for us to afford this we just eat less. We also LOVE vegetables. 

What about dietary requirements? Gluten free, dairy free?

We have a few members who need to eat low or no gluten and some who eat low or no dairy. The recipes are very easily adapted for gluten free as there are a load of great gluten free alternatives on the market now. We do tend to use dairy. Butter, milk and yoghurt are easily substituted, cheese might not be so easy but again there are lots of alternatives on the market now.
Email us via the contact page or if you have any more questions regarding this.