The Modern Mess is a recipe and meal inspiration hub curated by Jen Pomeroy, who is a qualified Chef based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Each week Jen shares her meal inspiration, produce and any foodie information in a weekly email and shares 3 seasonal recipes (sometimes more!) via the members portal on this website. There is also a Modern Mess community Facebook group where members ask questions, share photos of meals they have cooked and comment on recipes they have tried.

Try new recipes and be inspired to cook delicious seasonal meals for you and your family. Weekly demonstration videos or tips and techniques of the trade to make your culinary life easier. Although Jen cooks for a small family, the recipes are suited to anyone and can be adapted or scaled to suit. Each recipe usually serves 4 adults.

Learn to be a better cook and to cook smart using seasonal produce.  Jen provides plenty of meat free meals and options to adapt the recipes to suit what you have in your fridge, pantry and budget. Jen aims to make most recipes achievable in under an hour with some ready sooner, so dinner can be ready in no time. With a Catering background, Jen also shares how to plan and prepare meals in advance to make meal time more manageable.

Here at The Modern Mess we eat meat about 3 times per week. We prefer to eat quality meat, eggs and dairy, focusing on higher welfare. To afford this we just eat less meat.

If you’re in need of some cooking inspiration and some new delicious recipes to slot into your favourites, join The Modern Mess today. See you there…